Imagine a world in which children are free from poverty, live in happiness and have open access to adequate education. Imagine a world where children, even those born in a disadvantaged part of the world, can be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy for the road ahead. Well, Children’s Humanitarian International (CHI) is working to make this world a reality.

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    2016 CHI Summer Abroad

    Mount Longonot


    Our first big weekend outing was an adventure to say the least. We woke up early that morning and drove just under five hours, mostly on bumpy Kenyan countryside roads, marveling at the lush green scenery all the while complaining about the length of the trip, which was more than twice of our expected traveling time. Once we got to our destination, the base of Mt. Longonot, we were all slightly hungry and tired but I was excited to hike and experience the beautiful scenery from a higher perspective. So the journey began, the path inclining almost instantly, and the dust immediately acquainting itself with our faces, lungs, pants, shirts, hands, fingernails…you get the picture. About ten minutes in, I realized I left my bottle of water by the van but my friends let me share some of theirs so all was well. We continued on with hope, mostly supplied by passersby who encouragingly would say, “You’re almost there!” or “Ten more minutes” which we later discovered were both lies. 

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    We Have Landed!


    Jambo, from Kenya!

    Our 2016 CHI Summer Abroad program has landed and we are on our way to learning, teaching, working, and exploring.

    We have already started classes and the participants are enjoying their daily Swahili lessons. Last week we were able to visit Kiambu where our participants helped pick coffee, milked cows, and learned about the challenges facing agriculture in a developing country like Kenya. The participants were also able to visit Bomas of Kenya where they experienced traditional dances and songs from some of the 42 indigenous tribes of Kenya.

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