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    CHI Education Ambassador Monthly Giving Program

    Becoming a CHI Education Ambassador through our Monthly Giving Program means that we can count on your timely support month after month. This allows CHI to deliver long lasting impact to the children and communities we serve.

    Additionally, as an Education Ambassador, you will receive exclusive updates on our work, be the first to know about our upcoming events, and have your name featured at our Annual Fall Gala.

    A year’s commitment of:

    $10/mo. – Provides an entire classroom with lunch for a whole month.

    $27/mo. – Provides two children with new shoes, uniforms, textbooks, and supplies so they may attend school.

    $63/mo. – Gives the gift of education for a child in need. Provides one child with shoes, uniform, textbooks, supplies and all the school fees to attend a boarding school for an entire year.

    $100/mo. – Helps CHI implement the next phase in our education program by allowing us to invest in our first ever Sustainable Academy for Sustainable Development.

    Monthly giving is a convenient and effective way to donate and it sustains our work throughout the year.  

    If you have any questions about our Monthly Giving Program, please contact us

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    Education is Strength


    Education is imperative to the advancement of a society and Children's Humanitarian International (CHI) is dedicated to ensuring every child receives the education they ultimately deserve, regardless of where they were born. Studies show that a non-educated society is a society that breeds violence and intolerance. On the other side, an educated society promotes citizens who make thoughtful and informed decisions that have a positive impact on their lives, their families, their community, and their world. It is the responsibility of everyone to help children learn and become leaders in their society.

    CHI started changing children's lives around the world in January 2011 with the launch of our ‘Education is Strength Initiative.’ The initiative aims at providing funding for school supplies, required uniforms, textbooks, and tuition for countless children in need. The program is a merit and financial need based scholarship program that ensures well deserving children are not limited in pursuing their dreams.

    The initiative was first launched in Kenya working collaboratively with local organizations and other international humanitarian agencies. We strive to further our ability to help children all across the world with education, and hope with increased funding the initiative will eventually expand to other countries in need.

    CHI believes strongly that we do not know the answers to everything, and some solutions may work in certain areas and not in others. We know very well that it is not our place to impose Western ideals on others. We listen to the communities that we work in and all of our international programs are developed and managed by the local community in which they aid.

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    Don't let our name fool you; Children's Humanitarian International (CHI) is just as committed to our local community as we are to our international community. At this very moment our team of interns, community leaders, and volunteers are putting together our very first local after-school program

    CHI's local after school program for high school aged students, aims to create a web of passionate and educated youth groups at schools throughout Sonoma County and beyond. We will focus on hands-on learning, community projects and sustainable living education to inspire and inform local youth on relevant local and international issues. Thus, our local project will encompass the implementation of a group/club at local High Schools focused on:

    ➔ Community awareness & service 
    ➔ Advocacy & activism 
    ➔ Sustainability: local & global 
    ➔ Health education, nutrition & food systems 
    ➔ Global humanitarian awareness & service

    This is only the beginning of our local work and we continue to launch new and innovative ways to follow our mission while giving back to our local community. If you have ideas or questions about our local work, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

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