Mission: To empower, educate, provide for children without being limited by borders.

Our overall mission is to prepare young people for community leadership. We believe this is achieved, in part, by working together on challenges.

CHI serves children in need. Our work begins in Sonoma County and extends to Kenya. Our first international project began in 2011 when we started raising funds to sponsor children in need of financial help to attend partner schools in Kenya. As our program gained attention and support grew, in 2016 we were able to expand our efforts by launching the CHI Academy, with a capacity of nearly 300 Kenyan students.

We also launched our first local project, CHI Summer Abroad, in 2016. A five-week program, it takes carefully selected Sonoma County high school students to live, work and study at the CHI Academy in Kenya. This program shows participants the importance of education, strengthens their leadership skills, encourages community involvement, and highlights the importance of humanitarian work. The curriculum focuses on the causes of global poverty. We also teach children about the difference between long-lasting and "Band-Aid” solutions.


The story of Children’s Humanitarian International’s (CHI) origin begins with an American student’s study-abroad program in Kenya. Jordan Burns was finishing his undergraduate at UC Berkeley when the opportunity to travel presented itself. In the spirit of education, broadening horizons and volunteerism, Jordan spent the summer of 2010 in Kenya dedicating his time to help others in need, especially children, in any way he could. The fulfillment that came with helping children in a developing country like Kenya inspired Jordan to sponsor an orphan and devote his time to providing other children the opportunity to receive quality education and release from the fear of dying from preventable and treatable diseases.

After returning from Kenya, Jordan immediately began looking into nonprofit humanitarian organizations that shared his vision. Many of the nonprofit organizations he visited or researched had extremely high administrative expenses that significantly lowered the amount of money put towards their respective cause. Organizations that did devote ample portions of their resources to others were either not interested in new volunteers or they simply did not share in the vision Jordan had. Because of his determination and promises he made to the children he met in Kenya, Jordan decided the best course of action was to start his own nonprofit organization. In founding CHI, Jordan made a commitment to keep overhead costs as low as possible and to make certain that volunteer opportunities would always be available to anyone interested in giving back.

Children’s Humanitarian International’s (CHI) was established in 2010 as a result of Jordan’s journey. If it were not for Jordan’s study abroad trip to Kenya, CHI might not exist and the countless children in its programs would have far less opportunity for advancing themselves and their communities. A journey that began as a sponsorship of a local orphan by a dedicated humanitarian has now expanded to numerous partnerships in Eastern Africa. Multiple sponsored children in Kenya are now on their way to becoming informed leaders in their communities and hundreds of children are being directly helped through education supply distribution.