CHI Academy


Education is imperative to the advancement of a society and Children's Humanitarian International (CHI) is dedicated to ensuring every child receives the education they ultimately deserve, regardless of where they were born. Studies show that a non-educated society is a society that breeds violence and intolerance. On the other side, an educated society promotes citizens who make thoughtful and informed decisions that have a positive impact on their lives, their families, their community, and their world. It is the responsibility of everyone to help children learn and become leaders in their society.

Our first initiative, “Education is Strength,” focuses on providing sustainable solutions to allow underprivileged children gain a solid foundation and the tools needed to advance in their communities through access to a safe education. We have a comprehensive educational approach that is able to identify the root causes of why children are either not attending school at all or are under-performing in the system they are provided with. We would like to announce that after months of collaboration and the tireless work from our staff, faculty, and administration, CHI has begun furthering our mission of empowering, educating, and providing for children by opening the doors to CHI Academy.

Our goal is to provide quality care and learning, expose our children to an extremely child friendly environment and curriculum. We will offer the Kenyan 8-4-4 system but blend it with rich elements from a variety of practical learning styles. We would like our children to enjoy many extracurricular activities which include supervised daily play with a wide range of age appropriate stimulating games to help us nurture talents and instill basic computer knowledge and skills for easier learning.


CHI believes strongly that we do not know the answers to everything, and some solutions may work in certain areas and not in others. We know very well that it is not our place to impose Western ideals on others. We listen to the communities that we work in and all of our international programs are developed and managed by the local community in which they aid.