Education Ambassador

Providing an opportunity to experience an immersion in a distant culture while making a contribution to international understanding and development.


Whether people are looking for a cultural immersion program or simply want to visit CHI Academy, the Education Ambassador program is a way for people here in the U.S. to get involved. This program is for anyone 18 or over who is willing to spend two weeks in Kenya at the CHI Academy (15 miles from Nairobi) working on projects, teaching Academy students, and experiencing the wonders of Kenya on two major excursions, Masai Mara National Reserve (home to teeming wildlife) and Mombasa.

If you’ve ever regretted missing out on the Peace Corps, but are not able, at this stage of life, to make that kind of commitment, CHI’s Education Ambassador program may be for you.


Five hundred dollars of the program fee helps fund a socio-economically disadvantaged Sonoma or Napa county student’s participation in the Summer Abroad program. After the program, Education Ambassadors will be encouraged, on a strictly voluntary basis, to serve as mentors for North Bay students participating in the following year’s Summer Abroad program. Ambassadors will also help identify and develop a project (e.g., water system, solar panel installation, school garden expansion, etc.) that they would like to help Summer Abroad participants implement during their time at the CHI Academy.


The program will broaden and deepen the ambassadors’ international understanding, providing up-close, hands-on experiences in the region’s people, food, languages, customs, and history. Every ambassador will have the opportunity to do something that will have a lasting impact on countless children’s lives. They will see a part of the world that most Americans have never experienced, let alone in this off-the-beaten-path fashion. They will return home with a new outlook on life. They will have experienced firsthand how good it feels to help develop a project with a lasting impact on people in a developing nation.