Garbage...So Much Garbage!


The first thing that surprised me when I got to Kenya was the amount of trash lying around. You couldn’t look at a patch of grass without spotting something littered there. The water smells rancid because of all of the plastic that soaks in it. I’ve seen two or three Kenyans walking around with gloves picking up some trash, but it doesn’t put a dent in the piles of garbage that sit around getting bigger. Every time our bus drives by all the trash scattered around, it makes me feel depressed that no one seems to care. One thing I won’t take for granted when I get back to the States is the garbage trucks.

While some experiences were depressing, most others were inspiring. The school we volunteer at, for example, has kids that are actually excited to learn every day. You can see in their faces that they seek knowledge and yearn to learn more. Martin, the student I am sponsoring, runs to greet me with a hug every day at school. It’s so inspiring to see kids that aren’t disgusted by the thought of school. This experience was so great, I may even return next year as a chaperone.

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