Kenyan Cuisine


As we wrap up the final week here in Ruiru, I reflect on the food we have been provided throughout this trip. Before we had even embarked on our journey, I was trying to imagine how the food was going to be and how I was going to react. I was anxious to try new foods, and I knew this was all part of the experience.

When we arrived on the 31st, and had settled in our new home, everyone was extremely tired and hungry. Our host family, Baba James, Lauren, and Joan, provided food for us that evening. Our meal was bread with margarine, which is like butter, with a nice cup of hot tea. It was delicious and made everyone excited for what we were going to eat next. The following weeks consisted of Ugali, a dish made of maize (corn) flour, white rice, beans, cabbage, chapati and green grams. Each dish is always very similar whether it is at home or at school. The meals are always appetizing but eating different dishes for a whole month really made us crave food from home. There were times when we craved burritos, pizza, burgers, etc. but we had to stay tough.

I respect Joan for cooking good meals every day for so many people. She wakes up early to make breakfast and spends all afternoon cooking dinner. Coming from school at five every day and smelling her cooking when we walk through the door really makes my day. It is really interesting to see the different foods here, and seeing what is common in all the households we visit. I am happy to eat the meals here, and I am excited to go back and eat meals at home.


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