Maasai Mara


Our next adventure we embarked on was to the Maasai Mara. After waking up pretty early, we only had a five to six hour drive. While on the road, we passed through the beautiful Rift Valley. For the most part the ride was very smooth, it wasn’t until the last two hours that the road got super bumpy. Finally after inhaling a lot of dust we went through the gates of the Mara Sopa Lodge. I was very impressed with the hotel, it was probably one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed in. When we arrived, I couldn’t help but notice that everyone was so welcoming. All of the employees were so nice; not to mention there was free wifi, an awesome pool and delicious buffet offered at every meal which was amazing!

After eating way too much, we began our first game drive. The sunset was absolutely gorgeous; the clouds looked like cotton candy. We saw many zebras, wildebeest’s, and antelopes. From a distance we saw four lions taking a nap on a rock that overlooked the safari. It was totally a “Lion King” moment.

The next morning was our longest game drive. After only wanting to see lions, I did not leave disappointed. Off the bat we saw the action. Ten minutes into our very early adventure, our driver gets a call notifying him there are lions laying down in the grass. When we arrived to the spot, there were two lions looking into the distance. To my left, approximately 500 feet was an impala. We really wanted to see the impala become the lion’s breakfast, but it got away. It was super exciting to witness the whole thing go down. As we kept moving along on our game drive, we saw the great migration. It was amazing to find out that over 3 million wildebeest migrate at this time of year. The excitement did not stop! Back to back we saw exhilarating moments with serval different lions. The first moment was intense but so awesome! Our driver crowded around the circle of safari vans and we gazed at a pack of lions eating a zebra for lunch. Out of nowhere a lion came inches away from our van. It was a little scary…but so incredible! The lion could have easily jumped into our vans but the driver instructed us to make no movement so everyone stood still while holding their phones in the air taking pictures and videos. The second time we witnessed a male lion feasting on a wildebeest. Despite how far away we were from the lion you could still smell the blood and flesh of the wildebeest; it was kind of gross but so cool at the same time! The day was long but it was one of the best longest days of my life.

The next morning was bitter sweet. I had a really good experience at Maasai Mara, I didn’t want the fun to stop but we couldn’t stay there forever. I said goodbye to all the nice employees, free wifi, and endless food. As I put my luggage into the car I thought to myself, memories like the ones I had there, are the ones that will stick with me forever. 

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