Our Journey


Our journey began back in January when we all decided to submit an application to be a participant in the 2017 CHI summer abroad. After interviews, meetings, and team bonding exercises our departure date fast approached. Then the real journey across the world began. After twenty hours in the air and a night in Dubai, we finally arrived in Nairobi. We were greeted by James and Joan, the family that we would be living with for five weeks. On our drive to the house we were quickly introduced to the style of driving in Kenya, the roadside shops, and the constant stares from locals, but that was just the beginning. After a few days of adjustment we got to see the CHI Academy, the kids – and then we were packing for our first weekend excursion to Mombasa and in an instant our first week was over.

After a while we all began to treat life here as normal. Going grocery shopping, walking to get soda and lollipops was just a part of our lives here in Kenya. The experience of living in a developing country was not as shocking as I would have thought; however, I believe that adjusting back to life in America will be far harder than adjusting to the Kenyan way of life. Everything from our daily Swahili lessons and breaks with the kids to swimming in the Indian Ocean and seeing animals in the Masai Mara has been the adventure of a lifetime, especially being able to do it with 16 other students who share similar passions. Our journey will not end when we board the plane back to San Francisco. We will always remember this month of our lives and we will always remember the many hours that we spent with each other. I hope we all continue to help CHI grow and become a school that educates and prepares pupils for University here in Africa. 

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If you know a high school student who is interested in applying for our 2018 Summer Abroad program, please click here. Applications open August 1, 2017.

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