The Change I Needed


I just want to tell you a couple of things before I start my story. My name is Jazlin Montgomery and I can freely say I am the most spoiled, privileged kid on this trip. When I signed up for this trip, I thought I was a good person. Now I know how to become one. My first two weeks here were hard, but only because I made it hard on myself. I was completely negative and I acted like a spoiled brat.

A couple of weeks ago, shortly before one of the chaperones left, some of the chaperones sat me down and told me that I was being negative and it opened my mind. I wasn’t being negative because I am a negative person, I was being negative because I hated that my whole life was changing and I wasn’t. It is really hard to see everything in my life changing around me and still sitting in the same classroom every day doing nothing to change the world. That is when it hit me, that I am not going to change the world in 5 weeks but that little things can help. From that day forward I realized that I am here in Kenya to help others, and to figure out what my purpose is as a person.

Last weekend we went on our last adventure to Mount Kenya, and that is what I want to write about. Mount Kenya was the hardest hike I have ever done in my life, and I want to compare it our adventure here in Kenya. Kenya was the hardest experience I have ever had, but we’re now done and looking back I am so glad that I experienced it because I needed it. Mount Kenya was difficult, but once I got to the top I knew that I could make it down the hill and that I could finish it. Kenya will forever change my life and I will always be grateful to CHI that they picked me for this trip. 

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