We Have Landed!


Jambo, from Kenya!

Our 2016 CHI Summer Abroad program has landed and we are on our way to learning, teaching, working, and exploring.

We have already started classes and the participants are enjoying their daily Swahili lessons. Last week we were able to visit Kiambu where our participants helped pick coffee, milked cows, and learned about the challenges facing agriculture in a developing country like Kenya. The participants were also able to visit Bomas of Kenya where they experienced traditional dances and songs from some of the 42 indigenous tribes of Kenya.

We have many more adventures lined up, including a safari in Maasai Mara and visiting a Maasai Village, a trip to The Great Rift Valley where they will hike Mt. Longonot and visit an Internally Displaced Persons Camp, and a humble experience working alongside another NGO in Kibera Slums, one of the world’s largest slums. As it stands, our students are having an experience of a lifetime and at the same time, helping to shape the lives of our CHI Academy students. That being said, I am calling on all CHI supporters to make a contribution today to make this experience even more impactful.

The students have started on their first project at CHI Academy, painting and revamping a pre-school classroom. We are almost finished with the first classroom and the teachers have already responded with so much appreciation and excitement. They will also install a white board, hang new posters, and fix some of the broken desks and tables. Our summer abroad participants were shocked to see how little our CHI Academy students have and have become extremely inspired by their experiences and interactions with the children thus far. They have decided to put together a list of some other projects they would like to work on while here. That is where you come in. With an additional $5,000, our students will be able to paint and revamp all the CHI Academy classrooms; spread new gravel for the courtyard to minimize dust the children are breathing in; construct a new school garden where the children will be able to learn, harvest, eat, and compost; and most importantly, they would like to install a play area for our students, including a new slide and swings. Additionally, the school is in desperate need of some new materials. The participants would like to purchase books, pens, pencils, coloring books, soccer balls, jump ropes, and chess boards for our students.

I urge you to help our CHI Summer Abroad participants meet their new goals by making a donation today. Please also consider reaching out to your contacts and encouraging them to invest in the future of our students through this new and amazing program.

The easiest way to make a contribution is through our website at: childrenshumanitarian.org or a "general donation" on our empowered.org site at: https://www.empowered.org/CHI-Summer-Abroad-Trip-to-Kenya-July-2016/donate.

Thank you so much, and I look forward to checking in with you when I return!

Jordan Burns
Founder & Executive Director

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Help our 2016 CHI Summer Abroad participants fulfill their list of projects!

  • Paint the interior of classrooms
  • Build new desks for students
  • Install whiteboards in all classrooms
  • Paint exterior of the school
  • Install a play area for CHI Academy students
  • Spread new gravel in the courtyard of the school
  • Construct a school garden for CHI Academy students


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Make a donation to one of the above projects by clicking here!